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Chris Savor Biography

Chris Savor is a London based singer and producer.

His first track “No More” was released in 2014 while living abroad in New York. Plays jumped into the thousands as listeners loved the chilled UK garage vibe and soulful vocals.

Soon after, he met talented Philippines-born producer spctra and the duo churned out beats that merged soul, r’n’b, and future sounds. The culmination of their efforts can be heard in the co-produced EP ‘Flow’. Support was received from underground tastemakers including dynmk, stereofox and acid stag.

Now back in London, Savor recently produced tracks for Leave To Remain, a musical by Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke, that ran at the Lyric Theatre. The pair worked together for 9 months to craft sounds that combined UK dance music with West African highlife.

Savor has now just released ‘Did You Ever Know’ on March 5th 2021 — a collaboration with New York’s Denitia that was supported by BBC Introducing and played on BBC Radio 3. It’s a chill electronic track with vibey guitars, atmospheric synths, and soulful vocals.

“Did You Ever Know is about when you are left questioning if an ex ever knew what you were going through or ever really cared. It has a pensive vibe, but I kept it upbeat to signal her strength: “I’m not something that you leave behind.” I could imagine this being played late at night while driving or at the beach looking out to the sea — those moments where your mind starts to wander back to the past to make sense of where you have been and dream of where you are going next.”

Listen to Savor’s latest track here: